Welcome to the main page for Games With Dragons In, an independent dev studio that makes, well, games with dragons in them.  Currently, our only title is dʒrægɛn: A Game About a Dragon, a game for Windows.  Here, you can read about the game, learn about the developer, and find links to sites where you can purchase it.



  1. Hello,
    First of all I got this game because I was delighted with the art style when browsing Steam and this was a very charming game. I played through last night but ran into some issues. Will you be planning on fixing the “Tied for First” and “I Woulda Wrecked Erdrick” Steam achievements at all? They are current not attainable without text editing the save files in the case of “Tied for First” and even further delving into the code for the Erdrick cheevo. Thanks,

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