A Game About a Dragon


Oh, no! Dragon’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by the mean king and it’s up to you help him save her! Fight your way through knights, soldiers, and other authoritarian elements to save the day and make it home in time to catch Dragon’s favorite trashy daytime TV show!


AGameAboutADragon 2014-10-07 11-45-28-26


dʒrægɛn: A Game About a Dragon is designed to look and feel like a picture book, but it’s a picture book for grown-ups like Go the F**k to Sleep or All My Friends are Dead. Every sprite and every stage has been lovingly drawn by hand and has been animated using traditional methods. It provides a visual experience that can be hard to find in this age of digital animation.



It’s an RPG Platformer modeled after classics such as the Wonder Boy series on Sega systems, Front Mission Gun Hazard on the SNES, or Working Designs’ Popful Mail. Play the game the way you want to play it: conquer it with skill alone, or take advantage of the RPG elements to help tilt the odds in your favor. Learn new breath elements to help you fight powerful enemies… or just use them to give humans a hard time. You ARE a dragon, after all!



Make your way through over fifteen stages with treasures hidden across each one. Every treasure you collect makes Dragon stronger and appears in his hoard at his house! Whether you want to hunt them to become powerful or just because you like the decoration, they’re fun for players of all motivations!


AGameAboutADragon 2014-09-20 12-16-54-85


The game includes support for English, Japanese, and German languages, so it can even be enjoyed by international players. Featuring a soundtrack composed by the brilliant Zack Parrish, you can’t go wrong! It’s an enjoyable experience for anyone old enough to understand its tongue-in-cheek tone, whether they’re casual players or grizzled veteran fans of the classics alike.


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